Section Six. Article 293. Who are guilty of robbery. Under the provisions of this Chapter, seduction is committed when the offender has carnal knowledge of any of the persons and under the circumstances described herein. Application of its provisions. - Arbitrary detention and expulsion. 3. Article 67. The crime of libel or other similar offenses shall prescribe in one year. What is included in civil liability. Any person who shall promote or facilitate the prostitution of his wife or daughter, or shall otherwise have consented to the infidelity of the other spouse shall not be entitled to the benefits of this article. Falsification of wireless, cable, telegraph and telephone messages, and use of said falsified messages. Robbery in an inhabited house or public building or edifice devoted to worship. - The penalty of arresto mayor and a fine of not less than the amount of the damage caused and not more than twice such amount shall be imposed upon any person who shall defraud or damage another by any other deceit not mentioned in the preceding articles of this chapter. Article 156. Article 291. 4. Article 130. Download Reyes RPC Book 1. 8. Knowingly rendering unjust judgment. By prision mayor in its maximum period and a fine not to exceed P5,000 pesos, if the falsified or altered document is a circulating note issued by any banking association duly authorized by law to issue the same. By harboring, concealing, or assisting in the escape of the principals of the crime, provided the accessory acts with abuse of his public functions or whenever the author of the crime is guilty of treason, parricide, murder, or an attempt to take the life of the Chief Executive, or is known to be habitually guilty of some other crime. Unjust interlocutory order. Article 165. Article 126. 16. - The penalty of arresto mayor or a fine ranging from 200 to 500 pesos, or both, shall be imposed upon any person, agent or officer, of any association or corporation who shall force or compel, directly or indirectly, or shall knowingly permit any laborer or employee employed by him or by such firm or corporation to be forced or compelled, to purchase merchandise or commodities of any kind. Illegal use of uniforms or insignia. 6. - The penalties imposed by final sentence prescribe as follows: 1. If no damage or embarrassment to the public service has resulted, the penalty shall be a fine from 5 to 50 per cent of the sum misapplied. Contents. Any convict of the class referred to in this article, who is not a habitual criminal, shall be pardoned at the age of seventy years if he shall have already served out his original sentence, or when he shall complete it after reaching the said age, unless by reason of his conduct or other circumstances he shall not be worthy of such clemency. If the threat be made in writing or through a middleman, the penalty shall be imposed in its maximum period. DOWNLOAD PDF . Article 242. (As amended by R.A. 5467, approved May 12, 1969). The penalty of prision mayor, if in consequence of the physical injuries inflicted, the injured person shall become insane, imbecile, impotent, or blind; 2. - In case the property of the offender should not be sufficient for the payment of all his pecuniary liabilities, the same shall be met in the following order: 2. 2nd. 3. If the gift was accepted by the officer in consideration of the execution of an act which does not constitute a crime, and the officer executed said act, he shall suffer the same penalty provided in the preceding paragraph; and if said act shall not have been accomplished, the officer shall suffer the penalties of prision correccional, in its medium period and a fine of not less than twice the value of such gift. Third. - The period of prescription of penalties shall commence to run from the date when the culprit should evade the service of his sentence, and it shall be interrupted if the defendant should give himself up, be captured, should go to some foreign country with which this Government has no extradition treaty, or should commit another crime before the expiration of the period of prescription. From 14 years, 8 months and 1 day to 17 years and 4 months. Article 210. Penalty to imposed upon accomplices in a frustrated crime. Article 62. Any person who by the same means, or by words, utterances or speeches shall encourage disobedience to the law or to the constituted authorities or praise, justify, or extol any act punished by law; 3. When the imbecile or an insane person has committed an act which the law defines as a felony (delito), the court shall order his confinement in one of the hospitals or asylums established for persons thus afflicted, which he shall not be permitted to leave without first obtaining the permission of the same court. 3815 REVISED PENAL CODE BOOK ONE PRELIMINARY TITLE. Section Four. Article 282. Article 135. Article 14. Any person who, for profit or gain, shall interpret dreams, make forecasts, tell fortunes, or take advantage of the credulity of the public in any other similar manner, shall suffer the penalty of arresto mayor or a fine not exceeding 200 pesos. In this last case, the death sentence shall be commuted to the penalty of reclusion perpetua with the accessory penalties provided in Article 40. Article 134-A. Other deceits. 2012 Chapter FourCIRCUMSTANCE WHICH AGGRAVATE CRIMINAL LIABILITY. No. - The crimes of adultery and concubinage shall not be prosecuted except upon a complaint filed by the offended spouse. Start by marking “The Revised Penal Code: Criminal Law Book One” as Want to Read: Want to Read. Any physician or surgeon who, in connection, with the practice of his profession, shall issue a false certificate; and. For the purpose of applying the provisions of the next preceding paragraph the respective severity of the penalties shall be determined in accordance with the following scale: 11. Slight physical injuries and maltreatment. Whenever the liability in solidum or the subsidiary liability has been enforced, the person by whom payment has been made shall have a right of action against the others for the amount of their respective shares. Penalty for rebellion, insurrection or coup d'etat. Offenses not subject to the provisions of this Code. Mutilation. - The penalty of arresto menor or fine not exceeding 200 pesos shall be imposed for any intrigue which has for its principal purpose to blemish the honor or reputation of a person. That sufficient provocation or threat on the part of the offended party immediately preceded the act. Article 325. Article 3. Effect of pardon by the offended party. Subsidiary civil liability of other persons. This book belongs to my parents. (As amended by R. A. Obligation to make restitution in certain cases. The disturbance or interruption shall be deemed to be tumultuous if caused by more than three persons who are armed or provided with means of violence. If any closed or sealed receptacle, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, has been removed even if the same to broken open elsewhere. Article 320. If after the fire, are found materials or substances soaked in gasoline, kerosene, petroleum, or other inflammables, or any mechanical, electrical chemical or traces or any of the foregoing. 5. A felony is consummated when all the elements necessary for its execution and accomplishment are present; and it is frustrated when the offender performs all the acts of execution which would produce the felony as a consequence but which, nevertheless, do not produce it by reason of causes independent of the will of the perpetrator. Abortion practiced by a physician or midwife and dispensing of abortives. FELONIES AND CIRCUMSTANCES WHICH AFFECT CRIMINAL LIABILITY. That the evil sought to be avoided actually exists; Second. Any person who by means of false or fraudulent representation or declarations orally or in writing or by other fraudulent means shall procure from the patent office or from any other office which may hereafter be established by law for the purposes the registration of a trade-name, trade-mark or service mark or of himself as the owner of such trade-name, trade-mark or service mark or an entry respecting a trade-name, trade-mark or service mark. (b) The robbery be committed under any of the following circumstances: 1. When and how penalties prescribe. Article 53. Article 102. Thankfully, those teetering WTR stacks can... To see what your friends thought of this book, The Revised Penal Code: Criminal Law Book One. Article 47. Evasion through negligence. Article 173. Adultery shall be punished by prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods. Article 44. - Every person criminally liable for a felony is also civilly liable. Arresto menor. The penalty of prision mayor if, without using violence, he shall act without the consent of the woman. Any person who acts in the fulfillment of a duty or in the lawful exercise of a right or office. - The penalty provided in the next proceeding article shall be imposed upon: 1. - The penalties prescribed for accessories shall not be imposed upon those who are such with respect to their spouses, ascendants, descendants, legitimate, natural, and adopted brothers and sisters, or relatives by affinity within the same degrees, with the single exception of accessories falling within the provisions of paragraph 1 of the next preceding article. Section One. The seconds shall in all events be punished as accomplices. 4. - Civil interdiction shall deprive the offender during the time of his sentence of the rights of parental authority, or guardianship, either as to the person or property of any ward, of marital authority, of the right to manage his property and of the right to dispose of such property by any act or any conveyance inter vivos. Article 158. Civil interdiction, In cases falling within subdivision 4 of Article 11, the persons for whose benefit the harm has been prevented shall be civilly liable in proportion to the benefit which they may have received.