The same Zamasu that was just fighting SSB Goku. Moderated by: SgtMartin, EpicRaptorMan. Similar in character, yes. Will Chronoa be able to get Zamasu to crack a smile and enjoy himself, or will it have all been a waste? your own Pins on Pinterest Product images are in development stage. Both Black and Zamasu are, well, Zamasu. Discover (and save!) Personally by yours truly. Music from … Standing tall at approximately 9cm tall, add the stunning Zamasu to your Dragon Ball collection. Please note that the item is colored manually, there may be some uneven colorings. And don't miss out on limited deals on dragon ball super zamasu! Death doesn't share any values Zamasu has and is not an Omnicidal Maniac. The Future Trunks arc has been slowly piecing together a strange mystery surrounding Future Trunks, a future villainous Goku Black, and Universe 10's Zamasu. Which for an Xbox controller is X, X, Y, Y, Y, X+R. Now, I look at Zamasu and see a God that, in the beggining, just wanted to make the Multiverse a better place, but after killing innocent people and craving for more and more power, he became corrupted. all the sinful faster than what the Death Note by its own will allow. I did the lineart and helped with the effects. Shop our best value dragon ball super zamasu on AliExpress. Giving in to his desires, Zamasu mercilessly killed his mentor. Join Community. Why was SSJ2 Goku able to do better than SSJ2 Trunks against black? It's an indulgence of sadism that Zamasu doesn't like to admit he enjoys and Death comes and goes where and when it wants. Tier: 3-A | 3-A|Low 2-C, would eventually become 2-C Name: Fusion Zamasu/Zamas Origin: Dragon Ball Gender: Male Age: A few minutes Classification: Shinjin/Saiyan … 2020's new deals! This is day three of my revenge against my block, with 29 coming after this. Black killed Gowasu for a second time and influenced his past self to join him. Dragon Ball Super is starting the Future Trunks arc on the English language broadcast of the series, and after Goku and company head to Universe 10 and fans were introduced to a … family. 1 Change Note Created by. Left 4 Dead 2/DragonBall Super - Collection. "Don't worry, I know CPR!" Loyalty to Zamasu: Conflicted, but at best its low. Zamasu (ザマス; Viz "Zamas"), also referred to as Black (ブラック, Burakku) was the name given to the former Kaiō of the north and Kaiōshin-in-training from the 10th Universe. Naturally, the goddess is excited and Zamasu had forgotten entirely. 6: Don't Feel So Enbee! Rather, it wants to make uppity humans who might try to cheat it pay and have an excuse for creative deaths. I think that if Zamasu would have succeeded in his plans, he would have eventually traversed the multiverse and all existing timelines and gathered all existing versions of himself in one spot, resulting in one massive orgy since he was so in love with himself. What is a King to a God? If that's the case, why was SSJ2 Goku able to match SSJ2 Trunks? Goku Black andFuture Zamasu are recurring villains in the Dragon Ball franchise, with them making their debut in Dragon Ball Super as the main villains of the Future Trunks Saga. Hope you enjoy and like our artwork! Loyalty to Zamasu: None whatsoever. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Fusion Zamasu (合体 ザマス, Gattai Zamasu) is a fusion born of the union between Goku Black (Present Zamasu in Goku's body) and Future Zamasu through the Potara earrings. 0. Reaccionando a Dragon Ball Parody "Zamasu's Death Note" por kishinpain, una parodia de Dragon Ball Super y Death Note. From the Dragon Ball Super universe, the evil KI Zamasu has arrived into the POP! And like Zamasu, he thinks there are a lot of sinners. Mar 3, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Chelsea Brooks. GoketerHC on Twitter, collaboration with @AlexanderLibra0 whom colored this masterpiece! Zamasu (in Japanese: ザマス), alternatively spelled as Zamas in the manga and Dragon Ball Fusions, is the main antagonist of the "Future Trunks" Saga in Dragon Ball Super, and a major antagonist in the Dragon Ball Heroes anime.